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A city located just east of Plano Murphy is a city located in Collin County just north of Dallas.

In 2000, Murphy had a median family income of $87,214. Murphy is full of successful families and individuals. The city has a large middle class. Murphy isn't a place with a large population of people in poverty. The city benefits from its educated workforce. Murphy, compared to most cities like it, can boast of a large population of high-income unmarried people.

In the 2004 Presidential fund-raising sweepstakes, George W. Bush came out ahead among Murphy residents, with $5,500. Residents gave more to the Republican party than any of the others.

In Murphy, 95% of the houses and apartments are occupied by the owners, not rented out. If you prefer houses that are on the new side, the city may be the place for you - the average age of homes here is quite young. Murphy has higher property taxes than most places in Texas, which provides more money for local schools and services.



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